Mountain Lion


Snowmobile, 4-wheeling looking for lion tracks. Trailing the hounds to the catch of a life time. Kill a lion right out of the tree while the hound dogs lead you to it. Hiking through the snow.


6 Day-$5,500

hunt area 102-103-104-117

hiking on private ranch land with spot and stalk hunts. large herds of cows, spike, and trophy class bull elk. Elk will be called in.

White Tail/Mule Deer


Hunt areas 4-6-135

Spot and stalk and stake out hunting for trophy whitetail and mule deer.


4 Day-$3,200

Hunt areas 5

Spot and stalk and blind hunting over water holes.

Spring Turkey

4 Day-$1,200

Hunt area 1

exciting spring turkey during breeding season. Call in the toms.

Typical hunting days will begin with a warm breakfast and an explanation of planed hunting activities for the day. we will then pack our lunch and refreshments for the day. we will then transport to the applicable hunting area for which ever animal is being hunted. Upon arrival we will spend the day location, stalking, and pursuing the located animal. Elk and Turkey we will be called in. When harvested the appropriate animal will be cleanly dressed and packed out of said hunting area for meat processing, and taxidermy. All animals will be checked in with Game and Fish officials. Supper will be prepared at the end of day for hunters. There will be room and board provided.